Captain California

This series tells the stories of the students of Hero High, a high school specializing in the education of young superheroes. They have all the typical teenage activities, rivalries and events, but modified for their powers and skills. The companion series is of the adventures of the Marvel Family. Billy and Mary Batson and their friend, Freddie Freeman, are ordinary kids who have a wonderful secret and a great responsibility. When trouble looms, the Batson siblings need but speak the name of the ancient wizard who appointed them, "Shazam", while Freddie must say the name of his favourite superhero, "Captain Marvel" to call the magic lightning to become respectively Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. Together, they fight the threats to the world, whether they be villians like the mad scientist Dr. Sivana, the malevolent worm Mr. Mind, or the renegade Marvel, Black Adam.

The Kid Superpower Hour with Shazam! series, which aired in 1981 on NBC Saturday mornings." It was made by Filmation Productions and it was a whole hour.

It featured two segments, "Hero High" and "Shazam!"

These cartoon segments are interspersed with live-action segments[1] that introduced the music and joke telling of the rock group hero-high.

From time to time the characters of one show would appear in the other. Isis from The Secrets of Isis also made a guest appearance in animated form on Hero High.

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